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BaaBaa Sheep Toy

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BaaBaa Sheep Toy

'Bah, Bah, a black Sheep, have you any wool?

Yes merry I have, three bags full,

Two for my master, one for my dame,

None for the little boy, that cries in the lane.' 

–Original from Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book, ca.1744

BaaBaa soft sheep are made out of your old woollen pullovers, and the details come from an old silk tie. A BaaBaa comes with its own personal book featuring the story of BaaBaa the sheep whose wool is used to make warm clothes. Old and worn the wool is reincarnated back into a sheep. Each BaaBaa is unique and very personal because of your memories attached to the old pullover.

The Book:

The Book measures 15 cm x15 cm and is hand bound in linen. Your BaaBaa's name is embossed in gold letters on the cover. There is an empty double-page for your personal story or dedication. 

Each book is unique and specially edited for every single BaaBaa. The illustrations are matched with the colour of your garment. The story can be printed in either English, French or German.


A BaaBaa measures 40 cm from head to toe. Seated it is 25 cm high. it is made with one woollen pullover or cardigan and a silk tie provided by you. Sometimes if the pullover is big, it can even be transformed into two BaaBaas.

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