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Constancia Quatre (4) Courage Blouse (Olive and Gold) L

€104.94 EUR

Garb Story:

This piece is designed for the one who is embracing some hard truths and yet freed from the clamor around you ... it takes courage to live, to truly live and to truly be who you are made to be.  Think on those others who are in your "Cluster of Courage" (maybe you don't even know them yet) to move forward as you take on the day in this either casual, goes with any bottom or dressy, that goes with any bottom of your choice.  You can be steadfast and "Firm of Purpose" even if your name isn't Constancia.  Isadoria Victoria wholeheartedly agrees!   

Motif: Laurel Wreathes with fruit = Courageous Cluster of 4(quatre)

Meaning / Reminder: Constancia is a very loved family member whose name means everything you think it does: constancy, steadfast, faithfulness, "firm of purpose".  Who doesn't desire to have any of those attributes or to experience these from another.  I can already think of three more of those whose names begin with a "C" and consider them courageous in so many ways.  Can you?  Laurel wreathes have been an emblem over the ages representing a victor.  Whether we wear our crowns, are given crowns or cast our crowns, this blouse will remind one of the courage needed for today ... and girl, you will go after it to get it!  Isadoria Victoria has you in mind.  Would you like to think on the victories to be had remembering you are blooming yet.  There is purpose in the everyday steps.  And most importantly, remember that you are meant to radiate, shine brightly.  

Artisan Mediums / Process:

This garment was hand selected for dressing up on the town or for casual everyday outings *(or these days - your home office or safe place to be).  A design was thought up in the great swirlings of imagination and scaled to the exact placement for greatest illumination.  It is hand drawn with permanent inks and then rendered with artisan, high quality, soft gold fabric paint.

Canvas: Lyocell (100%), soft,durable and airy feel



Width:  22 1/2"   /    57 1/4cm 

Front:  Double breasted with buttons, collar

           25 3/4"  /   65 1/4cm  Height from shoulders

Back:   Illuminated motif - hand drawn, hand painted

Length of sleeves:  25 1/4"   /    65 1/2cm

***Shipping from and to the United States of America this New year of 2021 until further notice.   

***However, stay tuned and I will be shipping to other parts of the world soon.

   *** Pine cones not included ***        

*** One of a Kind  *** Hand chosen  *** Revived  *** Hand drawn  *** 

***Hand painted ***  Story *** Designed motif  *** Every time ... 


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