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Chateau de Gudanes

Château de Gudanes Scarf

€120.00 EUR

Pistachio Green

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100% silk georgette scarf from the Château de Gudanes collection.

This scarf is a playful combination of old and new, where medieval and neoclassical detail from Château de Gudanes has been transformed into a modern kaleidoscope of ice cream colours.

Drawn from 800 years of the Château's history, the medieval border pattern is to be found on the arches and the tall vaulted ceiling in the Château Chapel. During this period colours were bold and symbolic, from the red of courage to the green of courtesy. The diamond background, found upon the walls of the Château Chapel has been playfully recouloured, so fitting as the Château undergoes her own transformation.

This scarf offers a unique connection between those who have passed through the Château before us and all those who walk ahead. 

Care: Would you be so kind as to wash this 100% silk georgette scarf in a time honoured way, gently by hand in cold water.

Shipped from France.

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