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Antique French Black & White Rebus (Riddle) Plates, Pair

€189.05 EUR

Rare pair of 19th C. French Rebus plates from the esteemed porcelain house of Creil & Montereau. Discovered in Bayeux (Normandy), France, the pieces carry a backstamp suggesting fabrication from 1841-1876. The plates are numbers 4 & 8 of the Proverbes - Rebus series.

Clever and lovely, the center scene of each plate contains a pictorial puzzle suggesting a well known proverb. The French answer to the puzzle is included on the back. The first riddle references a mid-18th century French saying which roughly translates to "aim for two goals and risk losing them both". The second dates from a 13th century saying quoted in the "Roman de Renard" implying one cannot take the same risk over and over and expect not to finally experience a negative outcome. The intricately detailed border is wine-themed with beautiful garland of grape vines and couples in traditional dress.

Dimensions:  7.5" (19.05cm) Dia.

Condition is good with age appropriate wear, crazing, small chips, and shallow cracks.

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