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Cook's Apron

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I started working on a full apron so that I would have exactly what I needed in a big sturdy baking apron - and this is what we have. Lifetime aprons that we hope you will treasure. We have added a second pocket for your mobile phone or notebook - something that I find really useful - the neck band is adjustable and there are nice long ties.
This particular apron is made from a vintage French linen metis sheet. This is fabric which the French have favoured for generations as it's sturdy and strong but soft and comfortable too. This was an unused sheet dating to around the 1930s which I have hand dyed a lovely soft russety/terracotta red colour.
If you would like an apron made in a colour to complement your kitchen please contact us to discuss a custom order.
Dimensions are approximate and may vary just a little as we make best use of the vintage fabrics.
Apron: 86 cm x 95 cm (34 inches x 37 inches)
Each tie: 95 cm (37 inches)
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