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Kintsugi restored "Hera, vintage jar, Liberty of London

€79.00 EUR

 This is a Kintsugi restored, vintage "Hera" motif jar, by Liberty of London and manufactured by Mason's ironstone. 

"Hera" is one of the most famous patterns by Liberty of London. The name is a reference to the Greek goddess with the same name, whose sacred animal was the peacock. The "Hera" pattern by Liberty was designed in 1887 and has become a classic of the house.

The jar was made by Mason’s Ironstone Liberty of London and imprinted with the Hera-design in 1988.

A little crack and chip happened during transportation and has been restored by us using the traditional Japanese method of Kintsugi. In this case we used a Japanese brass dust that's used specifically for Kintsugi or Urushi crafts.

To repair the cracks or chips on these ceramic pieces, Urushi lacquer is used and the crack is embellished with metal dust (gold, silver, brass, copper, ... or sometimes just lacquer, offering a diverse universe of colors and finishings). Currently our pieces are mainly restored using a Japanese brass dust (looking like gold) or gold leaf. We work with real gold dust upon demand.

We love this idea behind Kintsugi of making the crack more beautiful instead of hiding it; we embrace the history of the piece in its entirety. We feel so happy to be able to bring back to life these beautiful and once loved pieces of ceramic and enhance the history of them by using this traditional Japanese technique.

Please notice that you can wash the piece, by hand, using water and soap, but make sure not to rub on the crack. Also notice that with time, the crack can get a bit of patina.

Dimensions: Height 16cm/6,3 inches. Weight 494g/17,42 oz.

Ready to ship, it comes nicely wrapped and protected.

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