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Little French Heart

Main Sauvage Peace Teddy Knit Toy

€44.36 EUR

This Peace Teddy Knit Toy is the most adorable gift for a baby and young child … or for the child at heart – we all love peace.

Hand-knitted with the softest alpaca wool, the Teddy is a sweet way give a child a beautiful doll with a beautiful message; create a heart-warming feature piece for the cot or pram or shelf, and with its gentle cuddly feel is a lovely comforter for a young one.

French homegrown brand Main Sauvage produces baby and children’s toys using caring practices such as sourcing their soft alpaca wool from small breeders, which is spun in mills in the Bolivian Andes.

All gifts are knitted by hand by Bolivian women to support their local communities. Ecological sustainable principals include using materials made from natural fibres and recycled plastic bottle stuffing. They are the perfect Earth loving baby gift.

Hypoallergenic, handmade, CE approved, fair trade.

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