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Carolyn Quartermaine

Beautiful Carolyn Quartermaine Fabric

€123.54 EUR


A selection of Carolyn Quartermaine fabric, which can be used for your own upholstery or to make your own artistic creation.

Please kindly contact me in advance of ordering to discuss the size of your swatch and the price. The price will change depending on the quantity of fabric you order and the price listed now is only an idea. 

The colour options are as follows:  

1 - All colours of the rainbow! Orange, lemon yellow, lime and lilac coloured signature script hand printed on white cotton 1.43 x 1.25 cm 

2 - Metallic silver signature script on white cotton voile 3.15 x 1.50 cm 

3 - Shades of cobalt blue, powder blue and lilac in a hand printed toile de jouy on Irish Washed linen, created for an exhibition at the Musee de la Toile de Jouy 2.85 x 1.45 cm

4 - Poppy red decorative lace script hand printed panel on Irish linen 3.5x 1.40 cm

5 - Cafe Latte toile de jouy hand printed on linen, created for an exhibition at the the Musee de la toile de Jouy 69 x 58 cm

6 - Daisy dot blue on white cotton  1.50x 90 cm

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