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Chateau de Gudanes

Monsieur Teddy Bear

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A little old worn French Teddy Bear

On first appearance, he isn't honey hive shaped like Winnie the Pooh but rather elongated with out of ordinary bear proportions, his legs short and his chin hardly visible. It's just possible to feel he is filled with straw and see that he has metal implants keeping his little joints joined and just movable.

Roughly he is 33cm ( 13 inches) tall with bear brown short hair. He has a worn and torn left paw, wobbly right shoulder, stitches and scars mainly to his chin and ears. Although his age is le secret we believe he is quite elderly in age. He is tres charmant with his dainty hand-darned face and little features.

From all local accounts, he once lived in a nearby petite village in the south of France. But now looking to travel and find adventure with other old bears. He hopes to learn a new language and live happily ever after and enjoy growing older with other old bears together.

He will travel from the Château...

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