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Grace & Holmes

Silk Scarf White with Interior Illustrations

€249.00 EUR

Interior Elegance on Silk 

 'My mother was right, when you've got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust.' –Jane Birkin

Gilda is a beautiful silk scarf from our partners von Schwanenfluegelpupke. An exclusive design of colourfully hand-drawn and printed multi-coloured chairs dancing on a white background. The design, from the 'Dollhouse collection' is comprised of beautiful design classics such as the Barcelona chair from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe ca.1929 alongside period pieces throughout history. A stunning array of vibrant hues, original interior design on sumptious silk and one piece only.

Ps. Extra tip: The wonderful size of this scarf enables you to wear it as a dress or even use it as an interior piece; a stunning table cloth for a small table or cabinet for example.

Pps: This material can also be ordered in larger quantities for your interior! Contact Grace and Holmes for details.

Material: 100 percent silk twill

Size: 140x140 cm

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