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Kerstin Walsh Dress Portraits

The Heart of Winter

€120.00 EUR

This is a print of an original drawing made with coloured pencil and watercolour pencil. 

The heart plays an extremely important role in my Dress Portraits, for obvious reasons. And it is always interesting to me to see what emerges in the place of the heart when I am working on a commission. 

I particularly feel like “drawing from the heart” now, this winter 2020, in which the noise has been dimmed, and this image is an invitation to you to remember when you glance upon it, the warmth and ever changing, comforting, incorruptible presence of your own heart.

Far from being a dead time, this image showed me the quiet aliveness of winter. A time when the skies are often crisp and clear and the night is long, so we can check in often with the moon. The animals who stay with us through the cold months are circling the skies and landscapes, frost and dew reflect the even more precious rays of sun and the earth holds its promise, a little longer, a little longer. 

You may see a door in this image to your own secret garden of the heart and perhaps it will remind you to place your hand on it with thanks and curiosity as to the treasures which still lie within, waiting to grow. Can you feel the warmth? 

A5 size, on Hahnemuehle paper. 

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