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Victoire Lumiere Maxi Gown (Violet / Gold)

€293.83 EUR

Victory and Light Gown - this piece is designed for the gal whose morning is made for just the next step ... for occupying and for conquering.  Dress this frock up with a fancy blouse or overlay it with a sweater or blazer and your best shoes or hair up do.  And for casual wear, let your hair down and wear with a selected t-shirt or bralette. 

Motif: Fleur-de-lis, laurels, blooms, magnificent light torch

Meaning / Reminder:  Isadoria Victoria would like you to think on the victories to be had remembering you are blooming yet.  There is purpose in the everyday steps.  And most importantly, remember that you are meant to radiate, shine brightly. 

Artisan Mediums / Process:

This garment was hand selected for dressing up on the town or for casual everyday.  Wear this all day or wear it to bed.  A design was thought up in the great swirlings of imagination and scaled to the exact placement for greatest illumination.  It is hand drawn with permanent inks and then rendered with artisan, high quality, soft gold fabric paint.

Canvas: Cotton blend jersey knit - soft, warm and airy


Small *(S/M)

Umpire Waist (measured flat across):  17"   /    43 1/4cm W

Front:  Umpire waist and skirt illuminated with Victorie motif

           46 1/4"  /   117 1/4cm H (from middle of neck down to bottom)

Back:   Umpire waist with illuminated Constancia motif and illuminated skirt draping, creases hand drawn, hand painted

Sides: a pocket on each side

***Shipping from and to the United States of America this New Year of 2021 until further notice.  

***However, stay tuned and I will be shipping to other parts of the world soon.

*** One of a Kind  *** Hand chosen  *** Revived  *** Hand drawn  *** Hand painted  *** ***  Story *** Designed motif  *** Every time ... 

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