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Vintage Silk Buttertie Butterfly Art

€225.00 EUR

Vintage Silk Buttertie Butterfly Art

'The butterfly counts not months but moments, 

and has time enough.' -Rabindranath Tagore

The very silky Buttertie, butterfly case is handcrafted from 5 old silk vintage designer ties and comes in a simple black frame.

Including the tale of silk, you can either purchase a ready-to-ship Buttertie case or have your own custom made! It is the story of the silk moth that lays an egg on a mulberry leaf and about the silkworm who spins a beautiful thread to make its cocoon. The silk is reeled off and used to make a precious silk tie. Old, torn or just out of fashion, the tie is transformed back into a colourful Buttertie.


if you order your own custom made piece you can choose the size of the Buttertie: 

Small, Medium or Large. Handmade and in groups of 4 or 5.

Extra tip: If you have an old tie which you would love to have made into silk book-worm

or other products just contact G&H and we can give you the VIP treatment!

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