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French Linen Loves featuring La Maison en Pierre

Written By Château de Gudanes France


Posted on February 26 2021

Amongst the snow falling at the Château these last months, and with only a fireplace in the kitchen for warmth and in-floor heating in just one room, we have been looking forward with great anticipation to the Spring and Summer.

To the green grass, blooming of the roses and the flowering of the gardens...

And in the hope of encouraging the sun to come out again sooner rather than later (even just for a day!), and amongst dreaming of trips to the markets, the beach and to lunches al fresco, we have been thinking of the perfect bag to accompany us. 

And, as it turns out we need not look any further for we have found the most beautiful summer selection suitable for any occasion! And even for trips to the markets in the winter to bring a little sunshine to your day. Market-going necessities for all months of the year perfect for any linen lover!

And so, we are very excited to introduce Anna, founder of La Maison en Pierre, to share the story of her brand of beautiful quintessentially French-style linen bags. 

Which although perfect for the summer and spring months also make wonderfully special gifts for loved ones (or for yourself!) in the months in between!


With love,   

The Château Team x




"La Maison en Pierre is born from my experience in the Provençal region of the Luberon where, together with my husband, I have embarked on the renovation of a 15th century traditional stone farmhouse. Over the years, visiting the brocantes and antiquaires of the region, I've come across the most incredible vintage linen, a material which is very resistant and diverse in terms of pattern, colour and thickness.

I have been collecting vintage fabric for a long time, but I thought that this linen would be particularly suited for the production of handbags: it's durable, it's elegant and each piece has a story to tell. I came up with a collection of bags inspired by my everyday life in Provence, by the visits to the local marché, bike rides in the lavender fields or shopping trips to boulangerie with my kids.  

Spending many months of the year in one of the least polluted areas of Europe means that we are sensitive about green matters. La Maison en Pierre bags are sustainable on many levels. First of all, we use vintage material and surplus production of textile and leather, which has also the added bonus of making each bag unique. Secondly, we minimise waste of material by producing bags which different in shapes and dimensions. Lastly, our bags are made of a very sturdy fabric that has truly passed the test of time, so they are going to stay in our client's wardrobe for many years to come. 

Our brand is young but we are very grateful that our bags have been welcomed with great interest and enthusiasm by the fashion world, including the likes of Marta Ferri and Linda Wright, but what really gives us a thrill is to receive orders from clients from the most diverse corners of the world, from Hawaii to Finland, from Australia to Israel, from France to Tokyo...

We hope that you are able to visit our shop!"


Thank you dearly for reading,