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Enchanté & Welcome To Shop The Château

A market and a place joining together sellers from all around the world sharing timeless treasures both old and new

With a shared vision to create a space online that encourages our world to appreciate how the things we bring into our lives, hearts and home are made infinitely more meaningful by their stories

We are all about celebrating the people behind an object's creation - the love and thought they put into their work and their care and consideration for our earth, humanity and future


Let's Surround Ourselves With Things That Reflect The Fullness Of Our Humanity

Things that express joy, sentimentality and grow the portrait of who we are as individuals...

Making our homes personal and unique as we are!

We thought you may like to know a little more about our community and our philosophy...

We are very excited to release the opportunity to visit the Château from afar! Here you may wish to purchase and watch Part 1 of the Château de Gudanes Virtual Historical Tour. Sharing both the interior and the gardens and grounds too.

Containing original footage of when we first met the Chateau in all its destruction and how we put the building back together again. We also share the history of the Château dating all the way back to the 13th Century when the first stones of the building were laid. Exploring the clues and secrets she keeps hidden from throughout her grand history...

"The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life"

- Marie Kondo

"If we all make ethical choices, everyday, our collective power for change is great"

- Jane Goodall

Every order placed helps to support the ongoing restoration of Château de Gudanes

We thank you dearly for your support, generosity and belief in the Château's future

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