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A Modern French Aesthetic by Bijou Limon

Written By Château de Gudanes France


Posted on January 29 2021

Bonjour dear readers, 

Today we are delighted to share with you the story of Bijou Limon, a brand offering a romantic jewelry experience of high quality, timeless but trendy pieces with a true modern French aesthetic!

Bijou Limon is an independent business run by its founder, Kristina, who shares how Bijou Limon began and what it has become today.

And on their website, we invite you to read Bijou Limon's own absolutely beautiful post about Shop The Château, with such a (truly!) divine curation of words and photos of the Château and their gorgeous jewelry... 

À bientôt, 

The Château Team x


"It all started in 2010. To put it short and simply I, Kristina, had been living a very different life as a Dental Hygienist, and while searching for what my true passion was, I traded my dental tools for jewelry tools. Thus, Bijou Limon was launched! 

The brand was named fondly after my partner's beloved retro-chic hotel in Santa Barbara, The Lemon Tree Inn, which is where I first began to sell my pieces. 

While jewelry making once started as a passion project on the side, it quickly and unexpectedly evolved into a fully fledged business, which I am very grateful for, humbled by and proud of.

With a lead on the trends as they hit, Bijou Limon has earned a Best Seller title on Etsy, and has since expanded into a beautiful new website and luxe brand, working with international collaborators and influencers.

Bijou Limon collections have evolved over the years, but have always enjoyed exploring the forefront of the latest fashion trends. Today we focus on presenting a romantic, French à la mode spin on the latest jewelry trends. We like to say that we are based on the US West Coast, but are French at heart!  

Our passion is to create jewelry and curate collections of handmade and antique pieces that tell a story of nostalgia, and inspire those who wear our pieces to curate their own life through beauty and sentiment...

In 2019 we were thrilled to launch our Luxe Bijou Limon Collection in partnership with Sarah Loven. Together, with the artist/writer/influencer, we have continued to co-design pieces that exude their own stories, reminiscent of eras past. The luxe collection is dedicated to fellow romantics who look for something unique to distinguish themselves and their unique style...


Sarah, author of Les Belles Lettres, and I both have an eye for all things French and antique. When she introduced me to the Château and the newly opened Shop The Château adventure we immediately knew we wanted to help support the project, and in some way, be a part of it as fellow creatives, even from far away!"

Merci beaucoup and with love and bisous,

Kristina x