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Welcome to the Mari Dolls Family

Written By Château de Gudanes France


Posted on May 23 2021

Today we are delighted to share with you more about Mari Dolls a Polish brand created by our lovely seller, Agnieszka, who together with her two daughters and grandmother lovingly sew the sweetest eco-friendly soft toys.

The philosophy of Mari Dolls is centred around a deep respect and love for the environment and the importance of sustainability. A philosophy that we at Shop the Château wholeheartedly support and admire.

All of Agnieszka’s beautiful dolls are made with recycled, organic and other environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. And these beautiful natural textiles lend themselves perfectly to the natural shapes, patterns and pastel colours of her dolls.

Each of her dolls is sewn with a loving attention to detail that only a family working together could have. And they capture the traditional charm and innocence of old-fashioned children’s toys whilst remaining modern so that they may be a beautiful addition to any contemporary children’s interior.

We hope that you enjoy reading a little bit more about Mari Dolls…


With love,

The Château Team x




“My passion for sewing was inherited from my grandmother Adelka. She never learned sewing formally, but with an eye for design it was enough that she looked at a person who was sewing and was able to learn and follow. She always cut immediately, and did not need a pattern. In a way it just came naturally to her, as it has since come naturally to me. 
About 6 years ago I decided to open a small shop with special handmade wares just for little ones. I took a lot of time and gave special attention to selecting things from artisans local to where I live. But whilst I really enjoyed the process of selecting and curating I was equally inspired by these artisans I worked with to create something myself...

And so, I made the first doll which was a mermaid. I live by the sea and that gave me the inspiration to create something which was connected with the place I live. From there I made another cuddly toy which was a bunny. And then another and another! Until eventually with my dolls I went to my first fair for artists and craftsmen, "Gdańsk Bakalie".

Taking part of this fair, showing my dolls surrounded by other incredible artisans, and the way my dolls were received so lovingly by those who bought them gave wind in the wings and confirmed that people love what I do as much as I do myself.  And so over time, I began working more and more on my dolls and set up my first studio which I shared with my friend who also sewed special gifts for children. 

My inspiration today for my dolls is the little ones I sew them for, animals, nature and everything that surrounds me and is a special part of my life. The inspiration for sewing my cuddly dogs is my own dog, Pharell, and his friend from the park, Luna. The names I give to my cuddly dolls are very important to me as they are often the names of friends, family and important people in my life I have met along my journey of creating this business.

I am also grateful to have help from my family who support what I do. My daughter, Małgosia, who is a graphic designer helps me in sewing and creates the store's graphics. My second daughter Ola makes our crochet doll scarves and lovely teddy bears and cats. And my amazing Grandma, Adelka, whose picture is below and who has inspired me from the beginning now helps to knit our cute little doll sweaters...

Together with my family we sew using only natural fabrics such as linen, organic cotton and raw cotton. And so each cuddly toy is entirely ecological! I also sometimes use recycled fabrics for the dolls outfits.

My family and I put our heart and loving energy into sewing each doll in the hope that they bring many magical moments to the children who play with them...

With love and welcome to the Mari Dolls family,
Agnieszka x