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Chateau de Gudanes

"Old Carriageway In Spring" - Downloadable Image

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The Story:

The first time we saw the Château she was bathed in the soft golden light of a warm and sun-filled day. I could imagine a young woman, holding a dainty parasol with one lace-gloved hand whilst the other graciously gathered a long skirted dress, as she walked up the grand carriageway. Leathered black boots beneath a layer of soft tulle, floating with each step taken through the overgrowth of wildflowers... 


The Details:

This is a high resolution downloadable image (15.2 MB) to be used for personal use only - recommended for the making of postcards to send near or far, for small prints to be hung in the home, as a background for a zoom meeting or as a screen-saver to escape into whilst working on your computer... 

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 We wish to thank you dearly for your order and subsequent support which contributes directly to the ongoing restoration of Château de Gudanes. 

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